Monday, October 29, 2012

this is halloween, this is halloween

And my inspiration......
Phillip Lim Fall 2012
Romance Was Born SS II 2012 Berserkergang
(Romance was born quite literally after I saw this line; I've fallen in love!.. And basically with every other creative work from the two masterminds behind this Australian fashion label, Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales. Check more out HERE. You'll be glad you did!)
And of course, I was most inspired by the late American pop artist, Roy Lichtenstein, who's birthday was October 27.. the day I turned myself into a human form of pop art. How weird is that?! My friend informed me of this the day of.. I had no idea! 
Now for the making of my costume:
I basically already had everything.. The shirt was from TJ Maxx, little sequin knickers from Topshop (previously used two Halloweens ago for a ventriloquist doll costume), black leather over-the-knee boots, which you can't see, were from, and white leather belt from American Eagle, bought a long time ago. The belt buckle I found online from The Alley Chicago. It couldn't have been more perfect for my costume; I love it!
Now for the arts and crafts:
For the gloves.. I found them in the Halloween section at Target. I cut off the fingers (thought that would look cooler), painted red dots with acrylic paint and added lightening bolts and other random pieces of felt cut into what I thought looked comic book-ish.
  For the shirt.. Using felt again, I cut out lettering and a crazy, spiky bubble and sewed it on.
For the clutch.. I cut out pieces of foam paper into quote bubbles, slapped some glue on and pasted them to a cheap black wristlet from Walmart. The letters (and symbols on the opposite side) were, again, cut from felt.
I'm not a huge makeup guru, [but I am a glamor guru.. ;) HA!, name of my blog..anyway..] so I was a little afraid I wouldn't be able to pull this off.
I used:
-L'Oréal BB cream to even out my skin
-my regular concealer and eye brightener (Neutrogena, I think?)
-Light purple shadow on my lids and a creamy white on the brow bone from Victoria's Secret
-Revlon liquid eyeliner for all the countours and dramatic brows
-Rimmel white eyeliner pencil for the glared lip
-Rimmel red lip liner
-Sephora red lipstick in C28
-false lashes, L'Oréal Voluminous Mascara in blackest black
-And white Halloween face paint
Happy Halloween!

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