Sunday, October 31, 2010

space bunny

 I stayed in this year for Halloween. Pretty lame, I know. I usually have plans months in advance and a costume whipped up before I know it. I didn't have the time nor cash to spend on making a costume this year, and I refuse to buy a pre-packaged one at a store. Last Halloween I spent $60 on one part of my costume which was a pair of black, high-waisted Topshop sequin hot-shorts. I told myself I'd wear them again since I spent so much money, but that hasn't exactly happened. Tiny sequin shorts on Halloween? Yes. Tiny sequin shorts on a regular old afternoon? Eh, not so much. 
Bored and on probably my fifth reese's peanut butter cup by 1pm this lovely holiday afternoon, I decided I can't go this Halloween without dressing up at least a little bit..
The first thing I thought was ears. That's easy. I can throw them on and instantly have a costume. I had a cat ear/headband thing but I wasn't feeling it.
Five minutes later, after gathering some tin foil, cardboard and elmer's glue, I let my creative thoughts run wild and bam, I had bunny ears.
They're Louis-Vuitton-Fall-2009-collection-esque; ridiculous and oversized yet so completely awesome.
False eyelashes, crazy whiskers and too many accessories later, I had my costume.
I was called a cat a few times by my dad and a random trick-or-treater.
I can see where they could be confused but I think the giant, tin foil BUNNY ears on top of my head are a pretty big clue.
scarf: the limited
t-shirt: target
shoes: target
tights: ae
skirt: vintage
belt: walmart

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Friday, October 29, 2010


tiered dress: h&m
jacket: proenza schouler for target
tights: target
fur scarf: h&m
boots: chinese laundry
necklace: macy's
Another dress I got for my birthday which is about three sizes too big. I ever-so-slyly hid an elastic belt in almost the exact same color as the dress underneath the first tier. It brought up the bottom two layers a bit so it didn't look like I was drowning. I tend to buy my clothes too big, sometimes intentionally and sometimes not. This was unintentional, however. I loved the muted color as well as the contrast between the perfectly pleated layers and the flirty ruffles too much that I couldn't pass it up, and the size was something I could work with. I thrive off the challenge of pinning, tucking and sometimes slicing to make things work. 
Plus it was only $15. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

blend out

leopard dress: h&m
tights: target
fur scarf: the limited
gem bracelet: banana republic
shoes: isaac mizrahi for target
mask: pier 1
I've been looking for a sleeved, form-fitting dress in something other than black. I got this little number a few weeks ago for my birthday. I love that it can make a statement all on its own; it doesn't really need accessories, however, the dress's simple shape allows for some fun mixing and matching of other patterns and prints.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


leather pants: target
v-neck t-shirt: charlotte russe
silver cuff: walmart
jewel ring: ae
shoes: h&m
fur coat: vintage
I just got these faux-leather pants for my birthday, and they're such a nice alternative to jeans. The inner part of the pant has a panel that's another material. I like the contrast of the shiny leather with the matte, stretchy inner fabric. It creates a line down the inner-mid part of the leg which makes them really flattering.
My mom, sisters and me found this fur coat at a Goodwill in another town over from where we live. Its condition is close to immaculate. The inside lining could use a little reinforcing of the stitching, but that's about it. The size and color are great, too.
Love it.

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