Friday, January 21, 2011


So this is a maxi dress from old navy that I've revamped. I pinned one side up to show a little leg and create more shape. The bat-wing sleeve on my right shoulder is a giant jersey-knit circle scarf from h&m that's draped across my body and hanging in a big swoop on the other side. The leather belt is my brother's.
I've been looking for a sleek, simple pair of pointed toe pumps that didn't look too eighties-throw-back-ish. I found these at tjmaxx for super cheap. I love the shiny patent, but the next pair I'm on the look-out for is something with less sheen.. more of a soft, flat leather with a super skinny heel.
My sister and I found this nail polish in 'sand tropez' by essie that just came to walmart. I love the neutralness of it. It makes it so easy to wear with absolutely anything. It also makes chips difficult to see.. another plus. There are tons of other great colors including the most beautiful, faint and soft pinks that we have yet to try. 

Saturday, January 15, 2011


I rang in the new year in a quick, make-shift outfit. My plans were last minute, so I put this together in about 10 minutes. I usually put more effort into new year's outfits, but this year I didn't really get the chance, nor did I have the cash to spend. At times it's difficult.. painstakingly staring into my closet trying to reinvent and think of different ways to wear my wardrobe. The strapless triangle top is from a lingerie one-piece from walmart that I cut the bottom off. The skirt is three target ballerina dresses layered on top of one another with the straps tucked. Underneath all of those is a black petticoat from a vintage shop.. just to add more volume.
Black sparkly stretch belt: express
silver beaded necklace wrapped around my waist and across my chest and back: macy's
silver beaded-toe pumps: macy's
The outfit looks quite simple but when explaining it to random people that night, I realized how complicated it really was.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

tacky resolutions

leopard dress: h&m
dress folded to skirt: jean paul gaultier for target
bow belt: h&m
I give my sister two thumbs up for finding this fantastically large bow belt. I wish I had it two years ago for my ventriloquist doll Halloween costume.. It would've been perfect!
This combo of color and print could be categorized as tacky, but for some reason I feel it goes so well, which is sort of my new year's resolution. I want to add more color and prints to my everyday dressing. I tend to lean towards neutrals, which is fine, but I'm craving spontaneity and the use of unexpected prints and colors in my wardrobe.
Speaking of color, I'm loving this revlon lip stain I'm wearing. I got it a while ago but finally started actually wearing it around the other day. It's so easy and stays on for hours. I don't have to worry about it getting on my teeth or leaving its bright pink traces on glasses or dinner napkins. It comes in a long tube, one side with the color stain and the other with a shear lip balm to put on over the stain to keep lips moist. It's vastly easier than lipstick and completely mess free.
Love it!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

seeing red

wool coat: calvin klein
faux fur scarf: h&m
leather belt: old navy
leather boots: n.y.l.a. on
I've been wanting a long wool coat for quite some time; Something more sleek compared to my huge, puffy down coat I wear every day all winter, because it's the only thing that keeps me warm. The length on this one is nice and long and covers my butt which is SO helpful when I'm walking around on campus, and it's 10 degrees outside with ridiculously cold winds. Besides its function, I love the cool red color. It doesn't wash me out like some reds do. Love the high collar, too.
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