Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thursday, December 8, 2011

odds, ends and inspirations

An attempt at showing what's been on my brain lately::
1.  I've decided I want an old school Polaroid camera for Christmas..
2.  After seeing that advertisement for RVCA a few weeks ago, I want my pink hair back. Ordering the Color Bug by Kevin Murphy=high priority on my list of things to do..
3.  I'm considering actually getting a hairstyle.. maybe something like the second blonde in the first picture with the bangin' bangs..? I feel my hair has no rhyme or reason lately..
4.  I still have yet to wear my silky Missoni for Target shorts..
5.  That glittery silver ribbon is quite possibly going to be turned into a festive head accessory..
6.  In love with this soft leather moto jacket I just got. Paired it with a sheer Rodarte for Target blouse for a dash of juxtaposition..
7.  And what's really been on my mind are all these bowties from House of Papillon. I've become obsessed and have found myself browsing the website an unhealthy amount of times for one day. I want to wear one for Christmas but can't decide if it's worth buying to wear only once..!

Friday, November 18, 2011

keep calm and carry on

jacket: vintage chico's
blouse: old navy
pants: tj maxx
belt: tj maxx
fur headband: vintage
loafers: rachel antonoff by bass
hide bag: diane gail
In love with this bag I got for my birthday a month ago. I found a cross-body version last year at tj maxx that I so desperately wanted. I decided to do the whole, sleep on it and if I can't get it off my mind, then go back and get it. I did that and not only had a sleepless night, but the bag was gone, too. Not this time around, though! I think I like the shoulder bag style better, as well so.. win for me!
Made my feet happy again with this lovely pair of loafers I found at the urban outfitters outlet in Chicago.. also where I got my jeffrey campbell's in my last post. They were only $10! Originally about $130. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

a person. a place. a thing. a state of mind.

dress: h&m
shoes: jeffrey campbell
fur circle scarf: ann taylor
These are my business in the front, party in the back boots. They slightly lack function (geographically speaking..Wisconsin winter on its way.. yikes!) because they're basically backless, but that's what makes them so appealing to me. Also very appealing was their price; over $200 originally, and I got them for $15! The Urban outlet in Chicago. Best. Place. Ever. I'm wearing them here with fur-cuffed socks that are a nice ankle boot accessory. I plan on wearing them with wool tube socks similar to these (I like the athletic orange or salsa) scrunched down with tucked or cuffed jeans. Or maybe a wild and fun patterned pair? With tights? I've got a lot of playing to do.
Also, shout-out to my sister Bri for finding this great scarf. I love its hugeness and blonded fur. You're really good, Bri ;)

Monday, October 31, 2011

halloween weekend

Had such a fun Halloween weekend. I went as a voodoo twin with my sister, and my friend Nicole was a corspe bride with freakishly real looking wound tattoos. I got the idea for the voodoo twins from these creepy little dolls that I got a few weeks ago at Pier 1. They tagged along the entire night daggling from our wrists; They tied the costume together quite well, and it's always fun to make the inspiration part of the outfit. 
Nicole took us to a fabulous sale at The Haute Spot where she works. I got a pair of Rock & Republics for only $35! Plus a few other great pieces from an Urban outlet. 
Posts of my finds to come!

Monday, October 17, 2011

missoni me

blazer: express
jeans: h&m
clutch: missoni for target
white blouse: old navy
leopard blouse: forever 21
boots: vintage
spider ring: target
My little piece of Target Missoni madness is this awesome laptop bag I decided to use as an oversized clutch instead. The line was great with the signature Missoni patterns, but there was nothing I felt I absolutely had to have. I spotted this about a month ago and knew it was for me!
The spider ring is fabulous and gaudy, and I plan on wearing it not just for Halloween but all the time. 
The little red leather dingo boots are from my favorite vintage store on campus that I visit religiously. I love their elfy shape. I bought a few other pieces I'll be posting soon!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I've only seen one piece of Elin Kling's new clothing line called Nowhere, which isn't out yet, and I already know I'm going to be obsessed. These metal-toed shoes are to die for.
I'm hoping it will be available in the US!

little wrap dress

dress: target
hat: target
fur piece: vintage
I've noticed a theme in my posts lately.. little black dresses. I found this beauty on a trip to Target today to check out the Missoni line. It was draped artfully around a hanger at the end of the rack, and it caught my eye. It was my size and under $10. Meant to be? I think yes. The bottom part is a skirt and attached are two giant pieces of fabric that are probably over 5 feet long each.
I wrapped it up over my shoulders then around my body, gathering the ends together with a pin and a piece of vintage fur.
My favorite clothes are those that leave room for the creativity of the wearer. I can't wait to do more playing and wrapping with this one.

Monday, August 29, 2011

all or nothing

dress: zara
shoes: urban outfitters
silver cuffs: gap
fur: vintage
I got this dress last year from Zara. It's so comfortable and can be easily accessorized or perfectly left alone. That's the beauty of a little black dress; captivatingly simple yet can be an empty canvas for creativity to run wild.
The shoes are a steal from Urban Outfitters found by my equally savvy counterpart, Bri. Only $10.. originally $50! I love the cuff-like ankle strap. They're clean and simple but eye-catching at the same time.

Friday, August 12, 2011

free wrap

hat: american eagle
black sheer wrap: target
shoes: target
My sister's going to see this post and kill me for stealing her hat.. I love you Bri!
She found this wrap from Target. Awesome buy for only $8! Wraps are great to get creative with; Wrap, drape and tie at your own discretion, or even wear it as a scarf.
These shoes were also only $8, too. Practically free. I plan on wearing them into fall with jeans and cozy, chunky knitted sweaters.
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