Friday, November 18, 2011

keep calm and carry on

jacket: vintage chico's
blouse: old navy
pants: tj maxx
belt: tj maxx
fur headband: vintage
loafers: rachel antonoff by bass
hide bag: diane gail
In love with this bag I got for my birthday a month ago. I found a cross-body version last year at tj maxx that I so desperately wanted. I decided to do the whole, sleep on it and if I can't get it off my mind, then go back and get it. I did that and not only had a sleepless night, but the bag was gone, too. Not this time around, though! I think I like the shoulder bag style better, as well so.. win for me!
Made my feet happy again with this lovely pair of loafers I found at the urban outfitters outlet in Chicago.. also where I got my jeffrey campbell's in my last post. They were only $10! Originally about $130. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

a person. a place. a thing. a state of mind.

dress: h&m
shoes: jeffrey campbell
fur circle scarf: ann taylor
These are my business in the front, party in the back boots. They slightly lack function (geographically speaking..Wisconsin winter on its way.. yikes!) because they're basically backless, but that's what makes them so appealing to me. Also very appealing was their price; over $200 originally, and I got them for $15! The Urban outlet in Chicago. Best. Place. Ever. I'm wearing them here with fur-cuffed socks that are a nice ankle boot accessory. I plan on wearing them with wool tube socks similar to these (I like the athletic orange or salsa) scrunched down with tucked or cuffed jeans. Or maybe a wild and fun patterned pair? With tights? I've got a lot of playing to do.
Also, shout-out to my sister Bri for finding this great scarf. I love its hugeness and blonded fur. You're really good, Bri ;)
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