Sunday, February 21, 2010

odd one out

(jacket, vintage : opaque tights, Target : striped tank, Gap)
I got this wonderfully embellished cropped, matador-ish jacket at a new local consignment shop in town called, Little Green Dress. I haven't really worn it much yet. I'm too afraid to harm the intricate beading by layering my puffy black down coat over it (Midwest weather is very hard to dress in), so I'll continue to wait until the weather permits.
I was very impressed with the store; lots of fabulous fur and things that sparkled; great quality, too. Since there isn't even a mall in the town I live and for the lack of fashion enthusiasts, it's nice to finally have somewhere close I can go to actually do some shopping.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

search high and low

-Random sign in my hometown..
-Enjoying the sun and temperatures above 25 degrees..
-A night of cocktails and masquerading..
-Afternoon adventures at Target..
-Ever-so-glossy Coach black patent boots..
-Chocolate cake, my demise..
-Wrought iron fence I found interesting..
-Last of the sunset on the ski hill..
-A lovely Rodarte frock..

Friday, February 5, 2010

haphazardly collected

Worn rather randomly on my body is a chain necklace I bought at Gap. Originally, it was twenty-four dollars too much; I found it for three. I love it's versatility however, I'll leave the wearing it over the eyes for Lady Gaga. Also pretty random are these pictures. The snowy path is near my house. I drive passed it quite often. I've always wanted to stop and take a picture of it so, I finally did the other day. The guitar is my brothers. I was sort of testing out my camera to see how close I could take a picture before clarity subsided. It passed the test; pretty good for a digital camera.
The furry leather boots I bought at TJ Maxx. The full price was $400. I got them for an entirely reasonable $60. I treat my feet so well. 
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