Tuesday, November 30, 2010

stolen scarf

Nothing really new here except the scarf which isn't even mine. It's my mom's but, I've been holding it hostage the past few days. I've been wearing it all the time (including right now) and I love it; love the color and how easy it is to just throw over your head and go. I should probably give it back to her soon..
As for the rest of the outfit--nothing I'd wear outside of my house because one, the top is the remains of a lingerie onesie that had the straps and bottom cut from it from a Halloween costume last year and two, the skirt is window decor from my bedroom. I yank it down every now and then and see how I can drape it on my body in different ways, trying to form it into something that could actually be wearable. 
bangles: pier 1
earings: the limited
fur circle scarf: new york & company

dafne cejas for numéro

in love with the metallic jeans--

Sunday, November 21, 2010


jacket: target
leather pants: target
jean button-down; a&f
shoes: bakers
Got these studly platforms a few weeks ago from bakers. They're pretty comfortable for 5-inchers. (ok, maybe 4 3/4)
Hopefully they will last me through the treacherous Wisconsin winter. We've had no snow yet (clearly), which is slightly odd for it already being the end of November, but I'm not complaining.
Although there'd better be some by Christmas.
Now off to curl up with a blanket, some hot tea and my lovely homework.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


daydream nation fur and feather collar;; keira leather fringe sash belt;; topshop knitted chain detail waistcoat;; arielle de pinto italian silver fingerless glove;; bliss lau twisted chain belt;; topshop knitted mini cable 3/4 sleeve maxi dress;; topshop tall dress ring (left);; topshop solitaire stone ring (right)
I want, I want, I want.
Plus just about everything in Lanvin's look book for h&m (including some of the men's stuff--love the metallic loafers!)

Monday, November 15, 2010


dress: h&m
scarf: h&m
opaque tights: target
necklace: macy's
full-finger ring: vintage
platform wedges: journey's
I've had a broken computer for the past two weeks. Boo. I've had to make-shift for the time being; using my dad's laptop when I can and the computers at school. I finally got to upload the 700 pictures on my camera that have been accumulated over the past two weeks, which means new blog material to come! So keep checking in :)
This dress was yet another gift for my birthday in October. The bottom has a wavy, multi-length hem with one side longer than the other and extra fabric to make it all floaty and romantic looking when it catches wind. It's hard to tell in these photos, but the dress is made of three different materials--a jersey knit, satin and a sheer, chiffon-ish fabric--sporadically sewn together.
The scarf is ridiculously huge and wrapped probably four times around my neck, making it slightly difficult to move my head, but it's ok.
Dramatic and oversized, just the way I like it.
The sleeveless thing was ok when I took these pictures a few weeks ago, (we've had amazing weather the first half of November in Wisconsin) but now it's almost officially winter and the temp. is dropping.
I picture a form fitting, ankle-sweeping black military-esque jacket/trench over this.

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