Monday, September 28, 2009

A Second Time Around

Thrift shopping is rather an art. With a good eye and a little patience you can discover many fabulous pieces. I've purchased things of all sorts from fur coats to buttons, brooches and everything in-between. I came across these lovely sunnies at a consignment shop in Chicago. I love the shape of them and you can't go wrong with too many pairs of sunglasses.
Thrift stores can be a hit or a miss. One rule to always keep in mind is quality. Look for holes, rips, poor seaming, pilling, permanent stains or strong odors. Also keep in mind the style and shape of the clothing. Since it's secondhand, it can easily look dated, especially prints.
Fashion is about recreating and modernizing past styles, so don't be afraid if you come across an amazing leather jacket circa 1980.

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