Thursday, December 10, 2009

they called her dazz

I feel the need to put bows, diamonds and sparkly things on just about everything lately; and wear red. I think you can guess why. I picked up my ruby red slippers at TjMaxx recently. I'm a firm believer that every woman needs a pair of killer red heels. They're timeless and a wardrobe staple. When in doubt, throw on a little black dress and something red. It's so simple yet so incredibly attention grabbing. The cable-knit sweater dress is from Target. The mass of fur I pinned on my shoulder I randomly found in my mom's closet. I'm pretty sure it's real but I don't know what kind of animal it came from. My knowledge of fur isn't quite there yet. The legging/riding pants are from Abercrombie. The random brooches and bow pinned on me are things I've gathered here and there over time. The gem bracelet that I fell in love with is from H&M. It's soft gold color and big, hazy gem make it look like a family heirloom, but only cost me $5. My ankle socks are fishnet tights that I had an urge to cut up.


  1. The cut fishnets are a stroke of genius. I heart you.

  2. Your pictures are as beautiful as you are! You have an amazing talent and I am proud of you. Keep the pictures coming. I love to see them.

    Luv ya!



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