Friday, February 5, 2010

haphazardly collected

Worn rather randomly on my body is a chain necklace I bought at Gap. Originally, it was twenty-four dollars too much; I found it for three. I love it's versatility however, I'll leave the wearing it over the eyes for Lady Gaga. Also pretty random are these pictures. The snowy path is near my house. I drive passed it quite often. I've always wanted to stop and take a picture of it so, I finally did the other day. The guitar is my brothers. I was sort of testing out my camera to see how close I could take a picture before clarity subsided. It passed the test; pretty good for a digital camera.
The furry leather boots I bought at TJ Maxx. The full price was $400. I got them for an entirely reasonable $60. I treat my feet so well. 


  1. Love the necklace and the boots; both are great steals!


  2. i always look forward to your posts. i love the clever variety you get out of that clearance find necklace. props.


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