Wednesday, March 17, 2010

i'll sing you a sweet song if you say to

I decided to play with this annoying piece of tulle that's been floating around my room for months. Nothing too interesting. I also did some playing around with my hair. I attempted that slightly messy, airy, brushed-out-curls look. After some curling, upside down hair-flips and taking a brush to it, it definitely was messy. I don't usually brush it; I've heard it's damaging so, I like sticking to 'fingering' through it. 
I have a love-hate relationship with my hair. If there is an ounce of moisture in the air, it immediately frizzes up and starts to curl awkwardly. Most girls complain about their hair going flat because of the humidity; my biggest complaint is it's weird, poofy-ness. It's not so fun.
The lack of my posting has really been getting to me. School has fully taken over my life; like usual. But, spring break is next week. No vacation for me so, I plan on catching up on my blogging, watching my favorite morning shows and hopefully doing some spring shopping!


  1. Hi! Love your style to pieces. I have the same problem with weird poofy-ness, and it doesn't even have to be humid. What's a girl to do????


  2. Your poses remind me of Lady Gaga.. You really look a lot like her :D *


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