Tuesday, November 30, 2010

stolen scarf

Nothing really new here except the scarf which isn't even mine. It's my mom's but, I've been holding it hostage the past few days. I've been wearing it all the time (including right now) and I love it; love the color and how easy it is to just throw over your head and go. I should probably give it back to her soon..
As for the rest of the outfit--nothing I'd wear outside of my house because one, the top is the remains of a lingerie onesie that had the straps and bottom cut from it from a Halloween costume last year and two, the skirt is window decor from my bedroom. I yank it down every now and then and see how I can drape it on my body in different ways, trying to form it into something that could actually be wearable. 
bangles: pier 1
earings: the limited
fur circle scarf: new york & company

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