Friday, August 12, 2011

free wrap

hat: american eagle
black sheer wrap: target
shoes: target
My sister's going to see this post and kill me for stealing her hat.. I love you Bri!
She found this wrap from Target. Awesome buy for only $8! Wraps are great to get creative with; Wrap, drape and tie at your own discretion, or even wear it as a scarf.
These shoes were also only $8, too. Practically free. I plan on wearing them into fall with jeans and cozy, chunky knitted sweaters.


  1. Wow you've managed to put together such an awesome outfit out of so little.

    Bravo, girl!

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    being a backstage diva

  2. what a lady! this multifunctional thing seems like a great buy.


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