Thursday, December 8, 2011

odds, ends and inspirations

An attempt at showing what's been on my brain lately::
1.  I've decided I want an old school Polaroid camera for Christmas..
2.  After seeing that advertisement for RVCA a few weeks ago, I want my pink hair back. Ordering the Color Bug by Kevin Murphy=high priority on my list of things to do..
3.  I'm considering actually getting a hairstyle.. maybe something like the second blonde in the first picture with the bangin' bangs..? I feel my hair has no rhyme or reason lately..
4.  I still have yet to wear my silky Missoni for Target shorts..
5.  That glittery silver ribbon is quite possibly going to be turned into a festive head accessory..
6.  In love with this soft leather moto jacket I just got. Paired it with a sheer Rodarte for Target blouse for a dash of juxtaposition..
7.  And what's really been on my mind are all these bowties from House of Papillon. I've become obsessed and have found myself browsing the website an unhealthy amount of times for one day. I want to wear one for Christmas but can't decide if it's worth buying to wear only once..!

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  1. i really love your blog, i am going to follow. via bloglovin' xx


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