Thursday, January 5, 2012

cheers to 10

blouse: missoni for target
pants: gap
belt: betsy johnson
suede boots: nine west
I found this psychedelic piece of Missoni magic the other day hidden in the clearance section at Target. It happened to be an online return to the store, but is now mine for 10 whole dollars. Cheers to that! The Austin Powers on a tropical vacation pattern is lively and vibrant, and I plan on wearing it year round.
Speaking of Target, I cannot wait for Jason Wu's line coming in February.. Woo!


  1. great outfit..dramatic top..
    Happy New year.
    I'm following you, follow back please.

  2. nice catch! I wish we had something like Target over here ...

  3. target?! no way! okay, the targets around here must just suck, and there are 4 of them! wtf? great find though, you styled it beautifully :)


  4. That shirt is gorgeous! LOVE the color and the pattern!!

  5. Wow love your belt!
    follow me if u want:)


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