Friday, November 6, 2009



I found this dress at American Apparel about two months ago while doing my usual internet retail browsing. I finally made it to the store about a week ago to try it on and make it my own. They came in a few different colors. For me, it was between the navy and black. I felt like I was about to go jazzercise in the navy one, so black it was. I love how it can get by with little to no accessories and still look fabulous. However, it's simplicity and versatility creates the potential for some radical accessorizing. I decided to go on the simpler side and add a few chain-y things. The belt is a necklace I found at American Eagle a few months ago. I haven't worn it the way it's supposed to be worn yet. I feel like it's meant to be a belt; just doesn't have the same affect when worn around my neck. My chained ankle is also a belt that I've had for probably 10 years. I wear it in various ways, from a bracelet to a strap for a small clutch. It's also a great layering piece to pile on with other necklaces.
I've been having too much fun playing around with lipstick lately. The one I'm wearing here is NYC Blue Rose, which was a cool 98 cents. Never would've guessed, huh? The color is brilliant and the underlying blue tone makes it quite flattering on my fair complexion. With such a bold lip I left the rest of my face au natural to avoid an 80's supermodel flashback.

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  1. Good idea on your alternative use of jewelry. I'm about to run to my bathroom and experiment with my necklaces right now. And, you're right, that lipstick is killa. It does something amazing for your blonde-ness. X O.


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