Thursday, November 5, 2009

Doll of Deception

I was so enthralled to put on the undeniably eerie facade of a ventriloquist doll. I remained in character the entire evening of Halloween, flashing my devilish grin and wide-eyed stare. It was rather fun creeping people out a bit. The Halloween prior I spent over $150 crafting a fantasy fish that actually turned out pretty cool. It was incredibly time-consuming so I thank whoever gave me my everlasting patience. The outfit of a ventriloquist doll is quite simple, so it didn't cost me much time or money to whip this one together, considering I already had the blazer and bustier. I bought the black sequin knickers from Topshop, headband from H&M, Juicy dotted stockings from TjMaxx and the ridiculously huge eyelashes from Sephora which made the outfit. I absolutely love going all out on costumes. Elaborate is my middle name. The night was a blur of pantless Lady Gaga's running around, blow-up Kate Gosselin dolls being dragged about by Jon & a slew of 8 babies and endless, freezing walks around the town questioning why I didn't wear more clothing. It was a good Halloween. I've already been envisioning costumes for next year.

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