Thursday, August 5, 2010

wild guess

Another ingenious diy is this necklace I put together. The claw-looking pendant is a lobster cracker I found at Pottery Barn. I'm in love with it.
The dress just wasn't doing it for me. I had to make it a little more interesting, so I left one shoulder up and wrapped a belt haphazardly around it.
Wearing clothes the way they're supposed to be worn is just not something I do.
Bra-top: Rodarte for Target
Dress: Target
Studded belt: ae
Rings: vintage


  1. Love the freckles Riss! And the fact that the lobster crackin necklace can duel as a fashion statement and a dinner accessory :) Brilliant!!!
    Keep doing that amazing thing you do! You are a fashion genius!

  2. that lobster piece is the badass-est thing I've seen in a while. thumbs up!


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