Saturday, January 15, 2011


I rang in the new year in a quick, make-shift outfit. My plans were last minute, so I put this together in about 10 minutes. I usually put more effort into new year's outfits, but this year I didn't really get the chance, nor did I have the cash to spend. At times it's difficult.. painstakingly staring into my closet trying to reinvent and think of different ways to wear my wardrobe. The strapless triangle top is from a lingerie one-piece from walmart that I cut the bottom off. The skirt is three target ballerina dresses layered on top of one another with the straps tucked. Underneath all of those is a black petticoat from a vintage shop.. just to add more volume.
Black sparkly stretch belt: express
silver beaded necklace wrapped around my waist and across my chest and back: macy's
silver beaded-toe pumps: macy's
The outfit looks quite simple but when explaining it to random people that night, I realized how complicated it really was.

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