Friday, January 21, 2011


So this is a maxi dress from old navy that I've revamped. I pinned one side up to show a little leg and create more shape. The bat-wing sleeve on my right shoulder is a giant jersey-knit circle scarf from h&m that's draped across my body and hanging in a big swoop on the other side. The leather belt is my brother's.
I've been looking for a sleek, simple pair of pointed toe pumps that didn't look too eighties-throw-back-ish. I found these at tjmaxx for super cheap. I love the shiny patent, but the next pair I'm on the look-out for is something with less sheen.. more of a soft, flat leather with a super skinny heel.
My sister and I found this nail polish in 'sand tropez' by essie that just came to walmart. I love the neutralness of it. It makes it so easy to wear with absolutely anything. It also makes chips difficult to see.. another plus. There are tons of other great colors including the most beautiful, faint and soft pinks that we have yet to try. 


  1. SO fabulous.

    I love the DIY improvements


  2. Hi Karissa, how can I get in touch with you? Shannon of Dirty Hair Halo recommended I talk to you about a story on local (minneapolis) style bloggers. Please shoot me an email at when you get a chance!


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