Monday, October 31, 2011

halloween weekend

Had such a fun Halloween weekend. I went as a voodoo twin with my sister, and my friend Nicole was a corspe bride with freakishly real looking wound tattoos. I got the idea for the voodoo twins from these creepy little dolls that I got a few weeks ago at Pier 1. They tagged along the entire night daggling from our wrists; They tied the costume together quite well, and it's always fun to make the inspiration part of the outfit. 
Nicole took us to a fabulous sale at The Haute Spot where she works. I got a pair of Rock & Republics for only $35! Plus a few other great pieces from an Urban outlet. 
Posts of my finds to come!


  1. Adorable photos!

    Saw your ventriloquist doll costume from the previous year and loved it, I was one this year!


  2. Awesome costumes! I love Halloween! ;)


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