Wednesday, February 29, 2012

caught red footed

leather jacket:
cashmere sweater: tj maxx
vest: old navy
booties: gap
leather gloves: target
I've fallen in love with these little red booties. My sister and I had been wanting them when they came out this past fall at Gap, but we weren't really into paying a hundered bucks and then some. With patience, a keen eye, and of course, a little right place at the right time, we found them! Really, more like they found us. Unfortunately they weren't my sister's size, and not really mine, either (just one itsy bitsy size too small!), but for $10 I don't mind sacrificing a little wiggle room. Plus leather stretches. The faux shearling vest I'm wearing was also found at the fantastic price of only $7. Ah, I love finding great deals! Makes me want to do a heel click.


  1. love those sunnies!

  2. You look amazing and I love background, perfect!
    How amazing bargain.

    You have new follower ;)

    xoxo Ra

  3. Awesome shots, awesome outfit! LOVE the shearling vest, LOVE LOVE LOVE the white pants!

  4. cheap shopping FTW! I hope they stretch a little :D

  5. your blog is absolutely fantastic! you have amazing style, and this outfit is just amazing. :) i just followed you on google and pinterest, and it's always nice getting inspirations from other style bloggers. :) i'd be honored if you decided to do the same, and i'm having an amazing giveaway. all the best on your blog, and have a great day!


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