Thursday, March 1, 2012

crayola ola ola

vest: gap
pants: the limited
striped button-up: old navy
shoes: old navy
blazer: h&m
socks: old navy
I've never really been a green kind of girl, but for some reason these little snake skin flats struck my fancy. I don't know if it was the $8 price tag or the rich emerald color.. or the fact that my brain uncontrollably started to put together all the ways I could wear them, which is something I do a lot.. my brain is very persuasive and at times dangerously good at figuring out how to pick up something that I don't even really want and think of 101 different ways to wear it, (wow this is getting to be a long sentence.. almost done) forcing me to buy it even though I don't exactly need it. Some say it's a skill, but I consider it a slight sickness. The blazer I have on was a great buy; neutral, modern fit, can go with everything, $20 closet staple? Yes, please. As for the mismatching socks.. it was done on purpose.


  1. AMAZING shoes. Love them :) xoxo *

  2. yessss I love the colors! I just bought red pants recently and this post makes me super excited to wear them!


  3. The old navy flats are so chic and modern,i adore the green snake print myself! Hugs!

  4. I just bought those socks from Old Navy! Love them!


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