Friday, October 29, 2010


tiered dress: h&m
jacket: proenza schouler for target
tights: target
fur scarf: h&m
boots: chinese laundry
necklace: macy's
Another dress I got for my birthday which is about three sizes too big. I ever-so-slyly hid an elastic belt in almost the exact same color as the dress underneath the first tier. It brought up the bottom two layers a bit so it didn't look like I was drowning. I tend to buy my clothes too big, sometimes intentionally and sometimes not. This was unintentional, however. I loved the muted color as well as the contrast between the perfectly pleated layers and the flirty ruffles too much that I couldn't pass it up, and the size was something I could work with. I thrive off the challenge of pinning, tucking and sometimes slicing to make things work. 
Plus it was only $15. 

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